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While we have several years of experience to hand over different Projects to the End-users in Sulfur / Sulphur Forming and granulation as well as bulk material handling and storage units of oil and gas refinery and also petrochemical plants, ARIaNA SANAT ZAFARAN CO. is a new established company as a subsidiary of an esteemed group as well as an independent legal entity which is providing turnkey solutions to Client for Sulfur/Sulphur solidification and forming (Granulation & Pastillation) and also fertilizer plants as well as bulk material handling (Conveyor, Bucket Elevator, Stacker, Tripper Car, Reclaimer, etc.) and storage (Silo, stack yard, etc.) units of oil and gas refinery; in addition, it would be our pleasure to provide these technologies to petrochemical plants as well as industrial and mine plants, too.

ARIaNA SANAT ZAFARAN CO. has several years experience by his staff to perform over 10 major EP and EPC projects in Sulfur / Sulphur forming and solidification - Granulation & Pastillation - unit as well as Bulk Material Handling and Storage unit. These experiences which are included but not limited to all required activities for a project like Project Management, Engineering, Procurement, Manufacturing, Quality Control, Installation, and Commissioning are able us to provide highly developed and modern technology for our valuable Clients as follow:

- Sulphur / Sulfur forming and granulation unit

- Bulk material handling system for instance Rubber Belt Conveyor, Bucket Elevator, Tripper Car, Stacker, Reclaimer, etc.

- Bulk material storage package such as Storage Silo, Stack yard, etc.

- Tar / Bitumen / Pitch Flaker Package - Steel belt flaking Cooler

- Homogenizing package of HDPE petrochemical plants

As an specialized company in these fields, we are able to manage, design, procure, manufacture, install and commission Sulfur / Sulphur solidification and granulation unit based on SUDIC standard with safe, reliable, flexible and efficient services; furthermore, we have broad experience in handling, homogenizing and storage unit of bulk material in order to manage, design, procure, manufacture, install and commission plants included but not limited to Rubber Belt Conveyors, Storage Silos, Bucket Elevators, Dryer, Screeners, Crusher, Bagging, Weighing, Tripper Car, Stack Yard, Stacker, Portal Reclaimer, etc.

Project Experience