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Tehran Oil Refinery

National Iranian Oil Engineering & Construction-NIOEC assigned Ehsan Joint Venture as EPC contractor of this project. The EPC Contractor (EHSAN joint venture) consisting of ODCC, IGC, and Design & Inspection Engineering Co. This is the first work experience of our managing team in sulphur solisifcation, handling and storage unit as employee of another company and now we bring these experiences and lesson learned to this company in order to use in similar projects at a higher level of technology and quality.

Sulfur / Sulphur Solidification & Forming (Granulation)
and Bulk Material Handling and Storage Unit
Capacity 720 tonnes per day
Method Sulfur / Sulphur Granulation
Client Ehsan J.V. (OD&CC, IGC, D&I)
Delivery Date 2011
Status Completed and in operation
Location Tehran - Iran
Feed Liquid sulphur from SRU plant
Product Granule (spherical shape) Sulfur / Sulphur
Number of trains 2
Train capacity 15 tonnes per hour / 360 tonnes per day
Storage 2 X 250 tonnes = 500 ton silo
Handling Rubber belt conveyor
  • Granulator drum
  • Dry steam jacketed cyclone filter
  • Exhaust fan
  • Sulphur buffer tank
  • Liquid sulphur filter and pump group
  • Liquid sulphur transfer pump group
  • Rubber belt conveyor
  • Storage silo
  • Process water tank & pump group
  • Pre-fabricated piping and jacketed piping
  • UCP/PLC control system
  • Instrument
  • VFD and switchgear
  • Electrical (Lighting, Earthing, Lightning and Cabling)

Our Work Experience