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Sulfur / Sulphur Handling and Storage unit

as a reputable designer and manufacturer company in this field, we can offer a wide range of equipment which are necessary for Sulfur / Sulphur Handling and Storage package as follow:

  • Rotary Drum (Granulator - Granulation Drum)
  • Rubber belt conveyor
  • Steel belt cooler conveyor
  • Two arm portal reclaimer
  • Pastillator (Rotoform)
  • Storage Silo with loading and un-loading system
  • Bucket elevator
  • Stacker and tripper car
  • Truck loading system
  • Weighing and bagging system

Somebody called Sulphur / Sulfur Handling facilities in different titles which are Sulphur / Sulfur solidifcation, Sulfur / Sulfur forming, Sulfur /Sulphur Granulator, Sulfur / Sulphur Pastillator, etc. regardless the name of the package, complementary data about Sulphur / Sulfur Handling unit are presented at another pages of this website in header row - Technology section which are sulphur / sulfur granulation unit and sulfur / sulphur pastillation facilities .

Furthemore, several packages of Sulphur / Sulfur Handling unit and storage facilities have been already supplied by ARIaNA SANAT ZAFARAN CO. and these Sulphur / Sulfur Handling facilities are capable to solidify more than 12,000 Ton liquid sulphur per day.